Surround Mixing

- How long is it going to be before we all begin releasing our work in surround ?
I designed and built this studio 16 years ago
optimized for surround from the ground up.

It's a snap at Little Castle for us to mix your project in surround,
render it all to Dolby
AC3 Pro ,
and burn a DVD Master (simply without picture)
- menu and all -
that will play on anyone's DVD player -
What are we waiting for?

Filmmakers - Sony Vegas Pro 9 has six surround pan types -
and all are fully automatible -
here's a screenshot of the type dedicated for film:

Vegas Pro 9 Surround Panner

Our Screening Room is a calibrated dead replica of the DolbyTM spec
that you see in that screenshot.
L & R speakers are 30 degrees from center
L & R rear surrounds at 110 degrees from center
All equidistant, all calibrated,
subs going down to 20hz:

Surround Playback System Screening Room

Our control room also has a consumer grade surround playback system
so you'll know how your surround mix
translates on a more typical home system:

Surround Playback System (Control Room)

Yes - your eyes aren't deceiving you -
those are little Yamaha consumer surround speakers you see
with the same coveted white cone material as the vintage NS-10's.

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